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, which went on sale in Europe in October 2001.[1]

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When the brake is activated - or when ESP intervenes to stabilise the vehicle - the SBC control unit calculates the desired target brake pressures on the individual wheels. Because it determines the necessary braking pressure for each of the four wheels separately and also measures them individually, it can regulate the brake pressure on the individual wheels via the wheel pressure modulators. These four pressure modulators consist of one inlet and one outlet valve, controlled by electronic output stages.

By the use of a travel sensor and a pressure sensor it measures how fast and how strongly the brake is actuated. The control unit processes this information and generates the control signals for the wheel pressure modulators. Normally, the master brake cylinder is detached from the brake circuit. A pedal travel simulator creates normal pedal feedback. If ESP intervenes, the high-pressure reservoir supplies the required brake pressure quickly and precisely to the wheel brakes, without any driver involvement.

SBC offers increased active safety than most conventional brake systems when braking in a corner or on a slippery surface. Moreover, the system offers innovative additional functions to reduce the driver's workload. These include Traffic Jam Assist, which brakes the vehicle automatically in stop-and-go traffic once the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator. The Soft-Stop function - another first - allows particularly soft and smooth stopping in town traffic.

In 2001 the µ-Club, an association of international experts in the field of brake technology, honored Robert Bosch GmbH and Daimler­Chrysler AG for the development of the electrohydraulic brake SBC. The respective project managers of both enterprises received the award in the form of the µ-medal in Bad Neuenahr.

The Greek letter µ symbolizes in physics the friction value between two materials. Approximately 350 specialists in the field of brake and safety technology for motor vehicles meet once a year in order to exchange new knowledge. Since 1998, the µ-Club has given awards to persons for the outstanding achievements in their special areas of expertise.

In May 2004, Mercedes recalled 680,000 vehicles equipped with the system; in March 2005 a total of 1.3 million vehicles were recalled. Mercedes dropped the feature in higher volume models, such as the E-class. Lower luxury class volume models such as the SL, the Maybach and the SLR continued to use SBC.[2]

Other vehicles with electro-hydraulic brake systems:

- Toyota Estima Hybrid (Introduced in 2001 in Japan) - Ford Escape Hybrid (Introduced in 2003) - Toyota Prius II (Introduced in 2003 - uses an ehb system from Advics)

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